Liquid Europe VC forum

Liquid Europe, a "high tech investor and executive forum focused on fibre-optics" will take place during ECOC 2002. The four-day parallel event, organised by ECOC in conjunction with RHK, will be a two-part investment forum.

Liquid Europe 2002 is described as a venue where presidents and CEOs from private optical start-ups can present their company value propositions and visions to financial professionals, including venture capitalists, institutional investors, equity analysts, and fund managers.

Melanie Swan, Director of RHK's Telecom Economics Program, said, "As the financial community becomes increasingly selective about the companies they decide to invest in, Liquid Europe is becoming the ideal event to research new opportunities."

Participating optical companies are often start-ups that represent a cross-section of the most innovative offerings in the world of optical communications.

Specialities include: tunable, switchable and integrated network elements, faster and more closely spaced DWDM components, and new generations of metro- and access-specific components.

Warren Edge, Event Manager of Liquid Europe, said, "We are expecting record attendance from both start-up presenter companies and financial professionals who want to learn about untapped investment opportunities."

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