Surge in optoelectronic ASICs expected

The global consumption of optoelectronic ASICs will climb at an average rate of more than 44% per year, from $1.32 billion in 2000 to $8.3 billion in 2005, according to the new ElectroniCast (San Mateo, CA) "Opto electronic ASICs Forecast." Amplifier and driver ASICs will continue as volume leaders, with a combined value share of 71% in 2000, but declining to 46% by 2000. The fastest growth will be by more complex devices, such as integrated multifunction ASICs, expanding to a 14% share by 2005.

The combined silicon/silicon germanium (SiGe) share of optoelectronic ASIC value will drop from 86% to 68% over the 2000-2005 time span, with SiGe taking the lead. Gallium arsenide plus indium phosphide ASICs will move up to more than double their year 2000 market share.

"This explosive growth will be driven by a very rapid expansion of transmitter/receiver and transponder quantities in metro/access and intra-equipment links, plus a significant shift to higher-priced ASICs for 10 and 40 Gbits/sec and to highly complex ASICs such as multichannel/multifunction in up to 256x256 parallel links," ElectroniCast Founder and Chairman Jeff Montgomery says.

Production value leaders in 2000 were Agere Microelectronics/Lucent, Conexant, and IBM, with a combined share of 49%, captive production plus merchant market shipments. The remaining 51% is divided among approximately 80 producers.

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