Dramatic upsurge seenfor multifiber transmit links

Th 156895

Global consumption of multifiber transmit-link components is expected to grow dramatically from its $53.4-million mark in 2003 to $407 million by 2008, contends a new report from ElectroniCast (San Mateo, CA).

"Growth will be most rapid over the 2003-2005 span, coming off the depressed consumption level of the overall fiber optics industry in 2003, plus the fact that multifiber transceivers are now early in their application lifecycle," explains ElectroniCast founder and chairman Jeff D. Montgomery.Th 156895

The multifiber transmit-link market is focused almost exclusively on short (1-2-km) to very short (1-m) interconnect. Vendors face two competitor groups: other multifiber transmit-link vendors and copper interconnectofferings. The battle against copper focuses on cost per gigabit transported.

"The VCSEL diode versus the edge-emitter laser diode (EELD) has emerged as the lowest-cost optical solution in this application," reports Montgomery. "The technical performance of VCSELs is advancing rapidly to higher data rate (10 Gbits/sec), greater power conversion efficiency, higher power output, and both singlemode and multimode 850-nm and 1310-nm solutions. It is not surprising that several multifiber transmit-link competitors have a strong base in VCSEL research and fabrication."

For more information on the report, "Multifiber Transmit Link and Components Forecast," call 650-594-2891 or visit www.electronicast.com.

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