40 Gbits/sec to achieve substantial long-haul deployment by 2004

Sept. 1, 2002

The first substantial deployment of 40-Gbit/sec-per-channel long-haul-network equipment in revenue traffic will occur in 2004, contends a new report from market researcher ElectroniCast Corp. (San Mateo, CA). Key 40-Gbit/sec singlemode components will emerge from their current qualification/evaluation status to substantial shipments by 2003.

Moreover, the market for 40-Gbit/sec single-channel transmitter/receiver pairs should gain a 59% share of the above-10-Gbit/sec throughput fiber-link global consumption by 2003, says the report. The consumption value of multifiber-link transmitter/receiver pairs is expected to grow faster than 40-Gbit/sec/channel transmitter/receiver pairs, with the multimode fiber share expanding from 41% to 63% during the 2003-06 time frame. In 2006, they will reach a combined $1.87 billion.

"The pioneering 40-Gbit/sec-per-channel components will achieve substantial quality consumption growth during the 2003-06 period, but this will be almost matched by price drops advancing only moderate market value growth," notes ElectroniCast founder and chairman Jeff Montgomery. "The early market will be dominated by captive [in-house] producers and mature major independent component vendors."

For more information on the report, "40-Gbit/sec Superdata Fiber-optic Components and Parts Forecast," call 650-343-1398 or visit www.electronicast.com.