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Th 1099lwe27
Th 1099lwe27

The MJ-RT system of fiber-optic components and cable assemblies are available in 50-micron and 62.5-micron multimode versions. The connectors and assemblies allow a doubling of port density in existing network equipment and patch panels. Developed with industry-standard RJ-45 modular plug-and-jack systems in mind, the MT-RJ can be used as a drop-in replacement for copper-based systems. The connectors feature a wide range of fiber-optic networking environments including Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, and Fibre Channel and meet TIA/EIA-568A specifications for optical performance and intermateability.
Methode Electronics Inc.
Th Acf142

The new high-density DSX-1 bay is a fully engineered connectivity solution that will work in a range of applications. It provides DSX fields, a built-in cross-aisle panel, inter-bay patch panel, power distribution, and comprehensive wire management packaged in a 7-ft x 23-in standard footprint.
Liberty Lake, WA
Th 1099lwe11

The Q7750 provides design engineers and component manufacturers in the DWDM market with superior amplitude, chromatic-dispersion, and group-delay measurements for testing optical-communication devices. By providing 600 data points in 4 sec, the Q7750 optical-network analyzer yields optical carrier-frequency measurements for optical elements. Its narrow group-delay measurement range of 25 nsec and maximum resolution of 0.1 psec allows engineers to accurately measure the overall chromatic dispersion of optical components, modules, and systems.
Beaverton, OR

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