Emerging applications fuel broadband equipment and services markets

As new technologies emerge for integrating voice, data, and video traffic, the demand for exceedingly fast network transmission is projected to rise. This trend, in turn, is driving the deployment of broadband video. New applications such as distance-learning, telemedicine, and surveillance require high-quality video and are further driving the deployment of broadband video.

A new research report from Frost & Sullivan suggests the continuing buildup of fiber networking in the United States will help fuel the fever for broadband equipment and services, resulting in a compound annual growth rate of 27.1% from 1995 through 2005. The report, U.S. Broadband One-Way Video and Videoconferencing Equipment and Service Markets, also depicts a recent shift in market dynamics toward Asynchronous Transfer Mode that is helping to increase the market for broadband video communications.

Frost & Sullivan, a Mountain View, CA-based marketing consulting and training company, divides the market into two segments for this report: broadband video equipment market and broadband video services market. The broadband video equipment market covers network infrastructure and video networking equipment. The report also includes a competitive analysis, pointing out that competition among market segments varies dramatically.

According to Frost & Sullivan, broadband video has not yet become a mainstream technology, but the adoption rate is accelerating. Growth in the use of broadband video will likely be led by vertical markets for such applications as distance-learning, terrestrial trunking, and telemedicine. The report concludes that broadband video is poised for growth and offers many opportunities to players in the equipment and services areas.

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