Switch/routing equipment sales up in 4Q07

Industry research and analysis group Ovum RHK (www.ovum.com) says in its analysis of global 4Q07 service provider switching and routing equipment sales that sales in 4Q07 grew to $2.94 billion overall, a 17% increase compared to one year ago.

�There were no significant market share movements in 4Q07,� says Mark Seery, vice president, switching and routing, at Ovum RHK. �Juniper took honors for the quarter as the MX-series continues to ramp.�

Report highlights for technology-focused market segments include:

  • IP/MPLS core: $718 million, up 35% over 4Q06
  • IP/MPLS edge: $1,453 million, up 29% percent
  • IP/Ethernet: $507 million, up 7% percent
  • ATM: $264 million, down 30%

Highlights for application-focused market segments are noted as well:

  • IP transport and services: $1.516 billion, up 37%
  • Ethernet transport and services: $1,039 million, up 14%
  • BRAS: $210 million, down 9%

Rolling 4Q market positions see Cisco grabbing 51% of the IP/MPLS total share, with Juniper at 20%. In the core, Cisco reached 58% and Juniper had 31%. At the edge, rankings were Cisco (48%), Alcatel-Lucent (19%), and Juniper (15%). Cisco nabbed 49% of the IP transport and services segment and Juniper 24%. With Ethernet transport and services, Cisco took 62% and Alcatel-Lucent 17%. For the broadband remote access server (BRAS) architecture segment, Cisco was at 36%, Juniper at 32%, and Redback at 24%.

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