Five companies to watch in 2006

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Avago Technologies: Yes, it’s big-but is it about to get smaller by divesting its optical component business? Agere Systems, Triquint Semiconductor, Infineon, and Vitesse Semiconductor tried pairing ICs and optoelectronics and decided the fit wasn’t good. However, Intel has shown it can be done, so an Avago divestiture isn’t a foregone conclusion.

CEYX Technologies: The company’s LightSmart Control System is a software-based platform for optical transceivers that improves laser accuracy, extends laser life, and lowers operating costs-all important parameters for transceiver manufacturers angling for a foothold in the extremely cost-sensitive 10GBase-LRM market.

Eblana Photonics and Syntune: As reported last month (see “OIDA explores optical foundry model,” Lightwave, January 2006, page 1), these two young companies have found a new, fab-friendly way of designing and manufacturing optoelectronic components and models. We’re curious to see how the market will respond.

Enablence: Plenty of companies have talked about integrating filter technology into planar lightwave circuits. This one finally did it. Now let’s see if they can deliver on the technology’s promise.

Novera Optics: Verizon’s CTO recently announced the carrier’s interest in WDM-PON technology, potentially putting the market’s key player, Novera Optics, in an enviable position. Novera has developed an injection-locked laser technique that makes a less expensive Fabry-Perot laser behave like its more expensive distributed-feedback counterpart.0602lw 01 14 29 50 59

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