Sprint expands its global IP network to Chile and Venezuela

August 26, 2002--Sprint announced the expansion of its global IP network, SprintLink, to Santiago, Chile and Caracas, Venezuela.

Sprint announced the expansion of its global IP network, SprintLink, to Santiago, Chile and Caracas, Venezuela.

The offering in Latin America will provide local business customers with global access to the company's Internet backbone and give multinational companies a reliable solution for obtaining quality IP services within the region.

Since embarking on a path two years ago to expand its network around the globe, Sprint has successfully deployed service nodes in key global business markets in Europe, Asia Pacific and now in Latin America. Sprint continues to take a measured approach to the build out, expanding in line with customer demand.

"We have a large, installed base of U.S. customers requiring access to Latin American services, which has given us a strong indication of where the priority markets are, what growth we can expect and what services are highest in demand," says John Echeverri, Sprint's vice president for the Americas. "We also have [a team] of in-country professionals who understand the unique market dynamics and are able to help us match our capabilities to the solution requirements of locally-based businesses."

Sprint is hosting events in Santiago on Tuesday, Aug. 27 and Caracas on Thursday, Aug. 29. Local business leaders are invited to come and meet with Sprint's in-country representatives and US executives. The event will consist of a series of topical presentations on the challenges of, and solutions for, global networking.

The SprintLink IP service offering in Latin America will include dedicated Internet access that includes a broad suite of support services from static and border gateway protocol (BGP)-4 routing to multicasting, domain naming system (DNS) service, and more.

For more information on Sprint (Overland Park, KS) in Latin America, please visit http://www.sprintworldwide.com/.

For more information on the event in Santiago, please contact Gabriel Chomali, Sprint's country manager in Chile, at gabriel.h.chomali@mail.sprint.com or call +562 650 8619. For the event in Caracas, contact Maria Abad, Sprint's country manager in Venezuela, at maria.e.abad@mail.sprint.com or call +58 212 905 6422.

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