SwitchCore partners with Huawei for Gigabit Ethernet switches

9 December 2002 -- Sweden's SwitchCore has partnered with China's Huawei Technologies to deliver Gigabit Ethernet routing switches to the enterprise market.

9 December 2002 -- Fabless semiconductor company SwitchCore AB of Lund, Sweden has partnered with Huawei Technologies of Shenzhen, China to deliver Gigabit Ethernet routing switches, incorporating SwitchCore's CXE technology, to the enterprise market. The first product of their collaboration is the Quidway S5516 enterprise routing switch.

The Quidway S5516 offers wirespeed switching and routing of up to 24 million packets per second in a modular configuration with a 32Gbit/s backplane. It is equipped with four slots and modules including 4*1000Base-SX, LX, and 4*1000/100/10Base-T. It features policy-based quality of service (QoS) with 128 classes, DiffServ and 802.1p support.

"The Quidway S5516 unlocks high bandwidth applications for the enterprise market," says the product marketing manager of Huawei Technologies' Enterprise Switch/Router Group. "SwitchCore's highly integrated switch technology allows us to incorporate a wealth of functionality at the chip level while reducing overall cost."

SwitchCore's CXE technology makes it possible to achieve the highest degree of functionality on a small surface, which in turn gives customers greater capacity at lower per port costs. The technology has a highly integrated shared memory switching architecture, designed to allow extremely high throughput and flexibility, and integrates MAC, CAM, Switch Engine and Primary Buffer Memory into a single device. The only external components required are the PHY and a management CPU.

"Huawei's Quidway product family recognises and responds to the rapidly growing enterprise routing market with a suite of features that lead the industry," says SwitchCore's CEO Henric Isacsson.


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