Optical Solutions and LightRiver team up on deployment of Wisconsin's first utility-owned fiber-optic communications system

October 25, 2002--Optical Solutions Inc. and LightRiver Technologies Inc. are building an all-new fiber-optic infrastructure from the ground up in Reedsburg, WI.

October 25, 2002--Optical Solutions Inc., developer of fiber-to-the-community communications systems, and LightRiver Technologies Inc., an accredited Lucent Technologies Advantage Business Partner, are building an all-new fiber-optic infrastructure from the ground up in Reedsburg, WI.

The Reedsburg Utility Commission (RUC), which announced the project last June, will deploy Lucent's Metropolis DMX Access Multiplexer (DMX) platform at the edge, and Optical Solutions' FiberPath 400 system at the central office and customer premise. The combined infrastructure will deliver carrier-grade voice, premium high-speed data, and extensive video services to Reedsburg businesses and residents.

"Lucent Technologies is very excited to have the Metropolis DMX be a part of this project," contends Jay Fahey, general manager of Lucent's Metro Access Systems. "Providing complementary transport and seamless integration from the metro optical network all the way to the home or business is critical. The Metropolis DMX and Optical Solutions' fiber-to-the-community solution can together serve this burgeoning market segment."

Reedsburg, population 8,000, is an historic town located 50 miles from Madison. The utility's deployment of fiber-optic communications services has been met with wide support from community officials, business owners and residents. E

"Construction to the business district will be complete in 2002, and many businesses have said they will register for service," asserts Dave Mikonowicz, RUC's superintendent. Once all phases of construction are complete in 2003, Reedsburg schools, health care facilities, businesses, libraries, law enforcement and residents will benefit from the unprecedented bandwidth of fiber-optic infrastructure.

"Based on case studies of similar communities, the quality of life and opportunities in U Reedsburg will increase significantly," adds Darryl Ponder, chairman and chief executive officer of Optical Solutions Inc.

Optical Solutions' FiberPath system will be largely transparent to Reedsburg citizens except for a small box mounted on the side of their home or business. The box, or Network Interface Device (NID), converts optical signals to conventional electrical signals used to power telephones, computers, and televisions.

LightRiver is installing the Metropolis DMX equipment from Lucent that will transport voice, video, and data services to the city's main utility buildings. "The DMX is designed to provide a reliable, SONET-protected delivery method between local area network subscribers and core backbone network services," explains Brian Haux, vice president of sales and marketing at LightRiver Technologies.

For more information about LightRiver Technologies Inc. (Lafayette, CA), visit the company's Web site at www.lightriver.com.

Additional information about Optical Solutions Inc. (Minneapolis, MN) can be found on the Web at www.opticalsolutions.com.

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