Keymile launches to target telecoms access market

7 October 2002 -- Newly-launched company Keymile says it is aiming to become the "leading player" in multi-service telecommunications access systems for fixed network operators in Europe.

7 October 2002 -- Newly-launched company Keymile says it is aiming to become the "leading player" in multi-service telecommunications access systems for fixed network operators in Europe.

The company's business strategy is built on helping operators to maximise their return-on-investment in narrowband and broadband communications. This will be achieved through "cost-effective and technology-independent rollout of services across the 'last mile' of the network to end users, particularly in the potentially lucrative business segment," the company claims.

Keymile, headquartered in Vienna, Austria, is built on the heritage of several companies experienced in the telecoms access market. The group is the result of the combination earlier this year of two established telecommunications companies, Ascom Transmission AG and Datentechnik AG, which together turned over EUR150m last year.

The group employs about 650 people globally with 11 subsidiaries worldwide and has a strong customer base in over 100 countries. In the UK and Eire, Keymile Ltd provides comprehensive direct sales and support services, with a dedicated training centre at its premises in Hertford.

"We have a very clear aim: to be the leading provider of multi-service access solutions for fixed operators," said Keymile's UK managing director, Andy Lewis. "Our success to date has been based on providing fully managed access systems delivering narrowband and broadband services across existing circuit-switched/TDM network environments.

"As our customers move to a converged network architecture based on ATM or IP our carrier-class solutions can be simply upgraded, thus eliminating the need for operators to replace their existing investments and enable them to deliver an increasing range of services more flexibly and cost-effectively."

Keymile has a strong focus on product innovation and over a quarter of its employees are involved in R&D with four European centres. The company plans to add to its existing portfolio by launching specific integrated access products aimed at small to medium-sized enterprises. These enable operators to deploy multiple services, such as telephony, ISDN, data, leased lines, over a single access line (Broadband DSL or fibre) from a single managed platform.

Andy Lewis commented, "Many operators have invested heavily in their core networks over the last two years and now have considerable bandwidth available. In order to pay for these investments, these service providers must concentrate on connecting customers to provide revenue generating traffic to fill these optical networks. Our solutions give operators a way to deliver attractive 'bundles' of broadband services across their existing network infrastructures and provide a migration path towards the packet-based environment of the future."

Product range
The Keymile portfolio encompasses multi-service access nodes, access devices for end users, across fibre optic and copper connections, as well as network management systems.

Multi-Service Access Nodes
Keymile's UMUX (Universal Multiplexer) portfolio has been deployed in over 70 operator networks worldwide with more than 70,000 network nodes globally. The node has a flexible and modular architecture that allows operators to deploy different and mixed configurations of telephony, data, & leased line services from a single platform. There is an option to include full SDH Add Drop Multiplexer (ADM) functionality at STM-1 level and xDSL network connectivity - with a wide range of service options for copper (narrowband and broadband xDSL) and fibre delivery.

Access Devices
KEYMILE offers a wide range of Access Devices, including the brand name of MUSIC (MUlti Service Integrated Communication), offering small footprint for customer premises. Key products are:
MUSIC 100 ? small bridge/router allowing the interconnection of several PCs or LANs at the same location, connected over a high-speed link on a standard telephone cable to a corporate network or ISP.
MUSIC 200 ? extends the capability of MUSIC 100 to offer a wide range of services from fast Internet, ISDN primary rate access to leased lines.
MUSIC 700 ? new Integrated Access Device (IAD) allowing telephony, data and leased line services over one copper pair, ideal for small business customers.

Keymile is also introducing a new standalone compact device that is ideal for SME user premises, multi-tenant buildings or remote sites where space is a constraint. This flexible solution delivers multiple services such as telephony, leased lines, ISDN, data and IP delivery for LAN/WAN extension.

Opto 4X2 - optical IAD suitable for connection of PBXs and wide area computer networking for the delivery of up to four 2Mbps signals over copper. Also ideal for backhaul in wireless networks.

Network Management Platform
Keymile's Management Platform provides configuration and fault management, security and performance management of all UMUX products including access devices. Easy for operators to use with a comprehensive and intuitive graphical user interface, and integrates with higher order OSS systems.

This centralised control of Keymile solutions via a standards-based management platform helps to reduce service providers' operational costs by reducing the need for site visits, while providing end users with faster troubleshooting and service upgrades

Keymile will be making its public debut at TMA 2002 in Brighton, from 21-23 October 2002. For further information about Keymile, call +44 (0) 1992 507000, or visit

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