Alcatel unveils free space optics wireless product line

14 March 2003 -- Alcatel's 9600 FSO and Alcatel 9400 FSO systems are a new product family for point-to-point wireless communication links, supporting free space optics.

-- 9600 FSO and 9400 FSO for quick and easy service delivery in the metro arena

14 March 2003 -- Alcatel's 9600 FSO and Alcatel 9400 FSO systems are a new product family for point-to-point wireless communication links, supporting free space optics (FSO) technology. They have been showcased this week at CeBIT in Hanover, Germany.

Employing eye-safe lasers, the high-capacity Alcatel 9600 FSO SDH/SONET and low-capacity Alcatel 9400 FSO PDH systems carry voice and data services in the last mile and urban environment. The product line operates at a wide range of speeds providing carriers, 2G/2.5G/3G mobile infrastructures, corporate and utility networks with new wireless connectivity over variable distance.

Alcatel's brand-new license-free FSO product family enables to start up services easily and rapidly over point-to-point spans, while securing fast return on investment. They can also be re-deployed - in a different site or a new link - giving carriers the flexibility to adapt their network in response to end user changing demands for added-value services.

Its management is integrated under Alcatel's network management platform, which offers operators the freedom to evolve and customize their network management system according to their diversified business and operational requirements.

"Capitalizing on the existing Alcatel microwave product families, the Alcatel new wireless product line empowers our value proposition to the market," stated Gianni Jones, president of Alcatel's wireless transmission activities. "The ability of the Alcatel 9600 FSO and 9400 FSO to interface with systems already in place and their rapid deployment meet carriers' key requirements for fast payback and minimized capital risk."

The Alcatel 9600 FSO and 9400 FSO products are a complement to the current Alcatel's large portfolio of broadband wireless access systems. The launch of this product line further confirms Alcatel's leadership in wireless transmission, which builds on a firm tradition of expertise and know-how combined with a frontrunner position in developing innovative solutions. Their commercial availability is forecasted in the third quarter of 2003.

Free Space Optics
Free Space Optics is a technology that delivers broadband services over the air using lasers, eliminating the need for digging trenches to install fibre or acquire expensive microwave licensees. FSO can operate over spans with a clear line of sight between the source and the destination.

In point-to-point microwave radio transmission, Alcatel's full-range catalogue comprises high, low and medium capacity microwave systems - based on PDH, SDH and North American standard (SONET) technologies - for mobile and fix broadband distribution, private and utilities network applications, voice and data (IP, ATM, Fast Ethernet) traffic.

Natural complement to optical fibre transmission, it supports a full range of frequency bands, spectrum efficiency and network/radio configurations. The microwave radio systems can be managed by Alcatel's unified and fully integrated network management platform, as well as through the simplified network management protocol.

In all cases provide integration facilities with external management systems in multi-vendor fix or mobile environment. In the last five years, Alcatel has installed more than 300,000 microwave radios in more than 150 countries.

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