Cypress introduces next-generation field-programmable clock generators

Oct. 16, 2001--Cypress Semiconductor, a provider of timing technology solutions, announced availability of production volumes of its family of field-programmable clock generators.

Cypress Semiconductor (NYSE: CY), a provider of timing technology solutions, announced availability of production volumes of its CY22xxx family of field-programmable clock generators. Operating at speeds up to 200 MHz, the timing devices provide highly stable, easily configurable clock outputs for use in a wide range of commercial and consumer applications, including switches, routers, computers, DVD players, and digital cameras.

As companies push to create a greater variety of communications and connectivity applications and bring them to market in the shortest possible time, component engineers who can no longer qualify a large number of custom solutions are pushing to standardize product development around programmable clocks. Manufacturers also benefit from easier inventory management. Since these devices can be programmed with different personalities, excess inventory can be re-targeted for different applications instead of being sold for pennies on the dollar.

Cypress's new programmable clock family consists of the CY22392, CY22393, CY22394, CY22395 and CY22381. All feature a serial interface, low voltage outputs (2.5V), a digital VCXO feature, speeds up to 200 MHz (400 MHz with LVPECL) and 30 percent lower period jitter/70 percent lower long-term jitter than previous generation parts.

These clock generators are available now, configured with three phase-locked loops (PLLs) and packaged in an industry-standard, space-saving 16-pin TSSOP. In volumes of 10,000, prices range from $1.90 for the CY22381 to $2.95 for the CY22395.

About Cypress:

Cypress Semiconductor provides high-performance integrated circuit solutions to data communications, telecommunications, computation, consumer products, and industrial control markets. For more information, visit

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