World Wide Packets announces multi-unit building solution for delivery of converged services

Apr. 9, 2001--World Wide Packets, a solutions provider for optical broadband connectivity, announced the newest additions to its LightningEdge (LE) solution to address the multi-unit (MxU) residential and commercial markets.

World Wide Packets, a solutions provider for optical broadband connectivity, announced the newest additions to its LightningEdge (LE) solution to address the multi-unit (MxU) residential and commercial markets. The new offering enables in-building deployments providing cost-competitive Gigabit Ethernet access at 1,000 times the speed of current broadband technologies.

World Wide Packets' new MxU products are designed to deliver converged services in multi-dwelling unit (MDU) and multi-tenant unit (MTU) markets, including businesses, homes, school classrooms, hotels, small office-home offices (SOHOs) and other subscribers at multi-access locations, including airline seats and cruise ship cabins.

The LightningEdge Ethernet to the Subscriber MxU solution offers service providers cost-competitive delivery of up to one Gigabit to the building and up to 100 Mbps to each unit over existing in-building copper wiring infrastructure. Multi-port link aggregation groups can be configured to increase subscriber connectivity up to 400 Mbps and the uplink capacity of a forwarding group up to two Gigabits, all performed at wirespeed regardless of configuration. The complete solution includes:

* The LightningEdge LE-30 Series Access Portal, delivering converged voice, video & data in the customer premises via seven switched Ethernet ports and, on select models, two Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) ports.

* The LightningEdge LE-210 Access Concentrator, providing high-speed Ethernet connections for up to 24 LightningEdge Access Portals, and linking directly to the LightningEdge Access Distributor via four, single mode fiber Gigabit Ethernet links.

* The LightningEdge LE-3700 Access Distributor, aggregating up to 120 standard Gigabit Ethernet connections from LE Access Portals or LE Access Concentrators on a single platform, and trunking connections upstream to service providers and/or content servers.

* The LightningEdge Network Supervisor, provisioning LightningEdge Service Channels between subscribers and their service providers with the appropriate traffic rate, priority and counters. It also gathers usage-based billing information, manages faults, and provides northbound interfaces to existing OSS/BSS systems. It is extremely scalable, from a single platform to many platforms, to manage millions of subscribers.

The multi-unit market is a prime opportunity for broadband service providers and equipment vendors according to Cahners In-Stat Group. They forecast that market will jump from $3.4 billion in 2000 to $8.5 billion in 2005, with equipment sales leaping from $275 million in 2000 to $4 billion in 2005.

In addition to the hardware, World Wide Packets' LightningEdge Network Supervisor provisions and manages the LE Service Channels within the solution. Through integration with a resource inventory manager and a customer self-service Internet portal, services can be remotely provisioned and upgraded by the end-user without operator involvement.

"Using the provisioning capabilities of our LE Service Channels, services from multiple providers can be delivered to the same subscriber premises without mixing traffic or needing complicated access control mechanisms," said Octavio Morales, vice president of marketing for World Wide Packets. "The channels provide security among neighbors of the same service, or different services."

World Wide Packets' solutions are ideally suited for communication infrastructure providers such as public utilities and municipalities, Investor Owned Utilities, new and existing commercial and residential developers, government and business entities, Local Exchange Carriers (xLECs), Telcos, and CATV operators.

The World Wide Packets LightningEdge solution delivers scalability and flexibility. Fiber to the Subscriber ensures a long life cycle and virtually unlimited bandwidth as consumer demand grows. With fiber-to-the-subscriber (FTTS), networks can be scaled at will as advanced services develop and bandwidth requirements increase. This allows service providers to maximize revenue-generating relationships with individual and multi-unit commercial and residential subscribers.

World Wide Packets' initial products, LE-20 Series Access Portals, have been in successful field trials with the Grant County Washington Public Utility District (PUD) since August 2000. World Wide Packets plans field trials of the complete MxU solution in Q2 of 2001, with availability of all MxU products in the second and third quarters of this year.

About World Wide Packets:

World Wide Packets is a solutions provider for optical broadband connectivity. The company designs, develops and manufactures optical access network solutions for entertainment, e-business/e-commerce, education and e-living. For more information, visit

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