Fiber deployment addition

Fiber deployment addition

To the editor:

The figure published on Page 58 of the December 1994 issue of Lightwave was supposed to compare the volume of fiber to be installed by cable-TV operators with that to be installed by local exchange carriers in broadband distribution networks--serving residential and small-business subscribers. Since the 1980s, the LECs have been installing fiber for trunk, feeder and large-business access, and this volume is not indicated in the figure. In 1994, LEC trunk, feeder and large-business deployments amounted to more than 2.7 million kilometers of cabled fiber. This means the volume denoted by the red line in the figure would be added to 2.7 million to arrive at the LEC`s total-installed volume.

The figure is supposed to show that during the early 1990s, the cable-TV operators significantly increased their fiber installation in support of residential broadband services. The LECs, on the other hand, are just beginning to deploy fiber for this application. The LECs are starting behind the cable-TV operators in the broadband market, but have stated their intentions to move rapidly in deploying broadband, interactive-capable networks.

Richard Mack

Kessler Marketing Intelligence Corp.

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