Numericable taps Juniper for core routing and security network infrastructure

NOVEMBER 5, 2008 -- French cable operator Numericable will deliver multi-play services to the 9.5 million homes connected to its network using Juniper's M- and T-series routing platforms, Integrated Security Gateway (ISG) platforms, and FW/VPN security appliances.

NOVEMBER 5, 2008 -- Juniper Networks Inc. (search for Juniper Networks) today announced that French cable operator Numericable is deploying its M- and T-series routing platforms, Integrated Security Gateway (ISG) platforms, and FW/VPN security appliances for next-generation networking.

According to Numericable, this IP-based network will provide a secure and reliable platform for the converged delivery of voice, Internet, and cable TV across a single network. Numericable is one of the first European cable operators to migrate to a high-performance, all-IP backbone network, enabling it to accelerate the introduction of new advanced multi-play services such as video-on-demand (VoD), high-definition TV, and Internet services at up to 100 Mbits/sec.

Delivering multi-play services requires an underlying network infrastructure that can scale in line with high-bandwidth requirements and with the flexibly to adapt to shifting traffic demands while maintaining the service quality and reliability demanded by customers. Numericable says it selected Juniper's M- and T-series for their unique multicasting capabilities, superior performance, and scalability.

"We wanted a scalable, flexible, and high-performance network to support the 100-Mbit throughput service we offer our customers and which will also be capable of supporting the future services we will be offering," reports Xavier Darche, platform operations director at Numericable. "Juniper offers a high-performance network infrastructure that has been purpose-built to scale in line with large volumes of traffic and which can consistently and efficiently deliver high-quality multi-play services that meet the strict standards of our customers," he says.

Juniper Networks T640 core routers underpin Numericable's next-generation network, delivering backbone service with several 10-Gbit links to support its Paris-based customers. The network is also extended nationwide with a number of 10-Gbit loops, which rely on Juniper Networks M320 multi-service edge routers. Additional deployments are planned in the future to further extend the network's reach in line with changing business requirements, say Numericable representatives.

Shipping since April 2002, the T-series core routing platforms have an installed base of over 4,000 platforms worldwide across over 200 service provider production networks, notes Juniper. T640 routers can be upgraded to multi-terabit capacity with either the multi-chassis TX Matrix or the single chassis T1600, enabling customers to select an upgrade path optimized to their specific requirements. With this non-disruptive upgrade strategy, the T-series can provide unmatched investment protection, lower total cost of ownership, and provide the ability to flexibly adapt to changing market requirements, claims Juniper. Both M- and T-series run the JUNOS software, ensuring consistent performance from edge to core.

Numericable secures its core network with Juniper Networks ISG 1000s and 2000s. The ISG products are purpose-built security platforms that deliver "unmatched" firewall and VPN performance at scale, says Juniper. Full IPS capabilities are available with the optional IDP security modules, providing protection from the latest worms, spyware, Trojans, and other emerging attacks. The IDP security modules also stop network attacks and disruption from abuse of network protocols, including those used in multi-media applications.

Numericable's remote locations are secured by Juniper's security appliances for distributed enterprises. These appliances are feature-rich, enterprise-class network security offerings that integrate a complete set of best-in-class UTM security features, including Deep Inspection, Antivirus (includes Anti-Spyware, Anti-Adware and Anti-Phishing), Anti-Spam, and Web Filtering, claims the company.

"Advanced multi-play services provided by organizations like Numericable require a high-performance network infrastructure both to ensure consumer satisfaction and to differentiate in a competitive market," explains Gert-Jan Schenk, senior vice president of operations EMEA, Juniper Networks. "With Juniper's routing and security platforms, Numericable has created a high-performance network that will enable it to remain at the forefront in a highly competitive market by delivering innovative, high-quality services."

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