Nanotech Semiconductor announces CMOS limiting amp IC for 1.25 Gbps

DECEMBER 17, 2008 -- Together with the NT24L50 1.25-Gbps TIA and the NT22L31 Laser Driver, the NT24L7x limiting amplifier IC completes Nanotech Semiconductor's pure-CMOS three-chip set for 1.25-Gbps applications.

DECEMBER 17, 2008 -- Nanotech Semiconductor Ltd (search for Nanotech Semiconductor), a fabless IC company specializing in advanced analog and mixed-signal ICs for fiber-based communications applications, has announced availability of its latest pure-CMOS ICs, the NT24L71 and NT24L73.

The NT24L7x, manufactured in low-cost standard 0.18-micron CMOS, are available in QSOP16 [24L71] and MSOP10 [24L73] packages and are pin-compatible with ICs manufactured by Maxim, Micrel, and iCreate.

Both ICs support both 3.3v and 5v supplies, with 34-mA total current consumption, including output loading. The ICs feature a glitch-free loss of signal status output and signal squelch function, says the company. Typical output rise and fall times of 100 ps and 2 mV sensitivity easily meet all applications requirements, and exceptional 3kV ESD immunity on all pins is testament to the ruggedness of modern CMOS processes.

Together with the NT24L50 1.25-Gbps TIA and the NT22L31 Laser Driver, this completes the pure-CMOS three-chip set for 1.25-Gbps applications.

"This chipset offers customers exactly what they need in terms of reliability, repeatability, shortest manufacturing lead-times, easy second-sourcing and at the most competitive price in volume," contends David Khalifa, vice president of sales. "In addition, in the new year, Nanotech will be introducing the world's most cost-effective Digital Diagnostic Monitoring (DDMI) solution based on this chipset."

"Like our earlier MOST, Fast-Ethernet, OC-3 and OC-12 chipsets, creating a pure-CMOS chipset for Gigabit Ethernet is the sure fire way to bring the highest quality, yet lowest cost solution to the market," adds Gary Steele, Nanotech Semiconductor CEO. "And in the present troubled economic times, this new chipset offers the security of supply and peace of mind associated with fabrication at the world's largest independent wafer foundry and production-test at the worlds' largest independent test house."

SFP and other standard reference board designs are available now, free of charge, on application.

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