Medical Arts Radiology chooses Optimum Lightpath to speed access to patient data and communications

AUGUST 26, 2009 -- Medical Arts Radiology has replaced its traditional T1 lines with Optimum Lightpath's 100% fiber Ethernet connection.

AUGUST 26, 2009 -- Medical Arts Radiology, one of the largest medical imaging groups in Long Island, has selected Optimum Lightpath (search Lightwave for Optimum Lightpath), a supplier of Ethernet-based communication services for New York metropolitan area businesses, as its telecom provider. Medical Arts Radiology has replaced its traditional T1 lines with Optimum Lightpath's 100% fiber Ethernet connection.

Previously, Medical Arts Radiology had to wait for faxes or film in the mail and slow data sent over a T1 line in order to proceed with case work. With a 1-Gbps fiber-optic circuit and 20-Mbps Internet connection, Medical Arts Radiology specialists can engage in teleradiology, allowing them the ability to view scans anytime, from any office, at home or even on vacation. The doctors are able to market their expertise nationally and globally by engaging in teleradiology to offer consults and second opinions to other facilities and hospitals. The facility can also now run PACS, RIS, and other applications that were not possible before.

"In our experience, you cannot perform modern radiology with a T1 line. You have to have fiber and that's why we chose Optimum Lightpath," says Dr. Pradeep Albert, chief information officer of Medical Arts Radiology. "We can view images taken from any of our six offices and read it anywhere we can access a PC or laptop. Our doctors can even access the secure clinical records system and view patient information on their mobile devices such as iPhones and BlackBerrys. Our business depends on Optimum Lightpath. We love the product -- it's changed the way we do things."

"Last week someone came in for a pulmonary embolism, which is a blood clot in the lungs that can be potentially fatal. The patient seemed fine but we were able to determine in minutes that the patient did in fact have PE. We immediately printed out the films and sent him to the hospital. Faster technology helps us make quicker decisions. In this case, it meant the difference between sending someone home to wait for a report, sending them to the ER to wait for hours as their condition worsens, or diagnosing them immediately and getting them urgent care. It can mean saving lives," says Dr. Albert.

The speed of the technology system and the ability to work remotely has significantly increased work efficiencies for Medical Arts Radiology staff. They accommodate 200,000 patients across four office locations per year. As a result, they have been able to add two new locations, which will be lit by Optimum Lightpath.

"Medical Arts Radiology has significantly advanced its medical imaging practice, and we're delighted to help them work faster and better to reach more patients than ever before," says Dave Pistacchio, president of Optimum Lightpath. "Speed is critical to radiologists, and flexible remote access to images and data across devices and offices is what keeps them competitive. We are proud to add Medical Arts Radiology to Optimum Lightpath's smart community of health-care businesses that embrace faster and more reliable voice, data, Internet, and video technologies to vastly improve medical operations and patient care."

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