Optec introduces HE-2 series fiber-optic cable assemblies

SEPTEMBER 14, 2009 -- Optec's harsh-environment cable assemblies protect against extreme temperatures, EMI, shock, vibration, and water.

SEPTEMBER 14, 2009 -- Optec Technology Limited, a manufacturer and supplier of fiber-optic interconnect and assembly products, has released the HE-2 series of ruggedized harsh-environment fiber-optic cable assemblies. The assemblies are suitable for deployments in applications such as transportation networks, broadcasting networks, and fiber-to-the-antenna.

Fiber optics are increasingly used in harsh environments. Optec's harsh-environment cable assemblies protect against extreme temperatures, electromagnetic interference (EMI), shock, vibration, and water, among other factors.

"The deployment of fiber optics in harsh environments requires tactical solutions that provide strong protection of the fibers," says Charles Ho, vice president of product development. "Optec's HE-2 fiber-optic cable assemblies with IP-68 rating optimize the harsh environment function while providing customized solutions to cater for different end-user needs."

The connector used in Optec's HE-2 assembly is also one of the smallest and lightest available in the market today for harsh environments. This simplifies handling and installation, speeds deployment, and requires less skill for installation.

"Not only are we looking at the strong protective element of the HE-2 assembly series, we are also taking a holistic view where the HE-2 assembly solution is easy to install as well as being small and light," says Sharon Kan, marketing manager.

Optec provides factory termination of the harsh environment connector in a customized configuration to customers' needs. It can be terminated with traditional connectors on the other end of the cable, such as LC, FC, SC, ST, MU, and E2000.

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