Yangtze Optical fiber signs deal for coatings with US firm

MAY 21, 2009 -- DSM Desotech says its has signed an agrement with YOFC for the manufacture and supply of DSM's new generation of DeSolite Supercoatings.

MAY 21, 2009 -- DSM Desotech, which develops and supplies UV-curable fiber-optic materials, has announced a four-year agreement with Yangtze Optical Fiber and Cable Co. Ltd (YOFC; search Lightwave for YOFC), a supplier of fiber and cable products in China, for the manufacture and supply of DSM's new generation of DeSolite Supercoatings.

"This is an important milestone for China's telecommunications market as a whole, as well as for consumers of high-speed data services in China," said YOFC Sales Director Yan Changkun. "By leveraging DeSolite Supercoatings, YOFC will deliver the highest-performing, most reliable optical fiber and cable networks and help protect the investments of China's leading network service providers."

Optical fiber coatings help to prevent signal loss, as well as give fiber longer life and more reliable field performance. As exploding bandwidth demand presses fiber producers to increase line speeds for higher productivity, only the most advanced coating materials will be able to meet increasingly aggressive fiber performance requirements and reduce the risk of costly network failures, DSM asserts.

DSM says its patented DeSolite Supercoatings demonstrate a significant technological advancement in microbend sensitivity, which minimizes a fiber's signal loss over time and distance, as well as in mechanical properties that increase fiber robustness in all temperature extremes.

YOFC is China's largest high-tech company dedicated to the manufacturing, research, and development of optical fiber and cable products. It is the second largest fiber manufacturer, and the fifth largest cable manufacturer, in the world. YOFC says its sale and output of fiber and cable products has ranked first in China for 17 straight years.

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