Ericsson, Chunghwa Telecom deploy optical network in Taiwan

FEBRUARY 6, 2009 -- Chunghwa Telecom has selected Ericsson's Marconi Optical Multi-Service (OMS) platform for the delivery of high-capacity broadband services, such as IPTV and e-health.

FEBRUARY 6, 2009 -- Ericsson (search for Ericsson) today announced it will deploy a metro aggregation network for Taiwan's largest telecom operator, Chunghwa Telecom (CHT), for the delivery of high-capacity broadband services, such as IPTV and e-health, for both fixed and mobile access.
According to Chunghwa's market forecast, there will be 80% coverage of 30-Mbps broadband services in Taiwan by 2011. Ericsson's Marconi Optical Multi-Service (OMS) platform will be a key component of Chunghwa's network, say representatives for the carrier.
According to Ericsson, the OMS platform improves capacity and network efficiency, eliminating bottlenecks, and significantly improves the quality and reliability of bandwidth-intensive services such as IPTV. Ericsson says its technology gives users greater flexibility in terms of access technology choice, supporting any type of service from a common metro network.
The platform also plays an important role in lowering the transport costs (per bit) by aggregating and grooming traffic in the metro network, with support for both telephony (TDM) and IP (Ethernet) traffic. It also provides a key link between different parts of the network, such as the fixed and wireless backbone network and CHT's all-IP fiber network.
Per the agreement, Ericsson will also be responsible for professional services, including network deployment, learning services, and support.
"This cooperation to integrate the mobile and fixed-line metro aggregation network and the all-IP fiber network is a milestone for Taiwan's telecom industry as it moves into the optical era," reports Stefan Johansson, president of Ericsson Taiwan. "We are happy that CHT has selected Ericsson's innovative solutions to grow with its business and this [contract will] further cement the partnership between the two companies."
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