A new standard for optical amplification?

Telecoms equipment manufacturers Agere Systems, Alcatel Optronics, and Nortel Networks have reached a multi-source agreement (MSA) for compact EDFAs for optical networking systems. The associated standard will specify uniformity for product package outlines, pin function, and performance characteristics.

The partners will independently develop and market compliant compact EDFAs.

"MSAs are strategically important for component manufacturers as they secure the implementation of new-generation optical platforms for customers," said Philippe Brégi, COO of Alcatel Optronics. "This MSA by the three of the leading manufacturers is the first step towards optical amplification standardisation."

The devices improve system performance by overcoming the optical power or attenuation losses inherent with multiplexers or demultiplexers, adding flexibility in optical add/drop switch applications and delivering preamp functionality in receivers to extend the reach of long-haul systems.

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