BTexact targets GBP600m test market

BTexact Technologies, BT's advanced research and technology business, plans to target the growing market for test and evaluation of communications solutions.

The company's resources, based in Ipswich, UK, comprise 16 labs employing some 500 technologists who test and evaluate a wide range of telecoms equipment, networks and applications.

Whereas equipment manufacturers and software suppliers can test their products' stand-alone performance, BTexact's technologists focus on testing these components as an integral part of a complete communication system, stressing characteristics such as interoperability, performance and scalability and correct response to fault and overload conditions.

The specialist labs focus on technologies such as broadband, IP, security, optical transmission, switching and access technologies.

Research, commissioned by BTexact, from the consultancy Prodata, estimated that the size of the European market for test and evaluation services is in the region of GBP600m per year.

As technology solutions become more complex, BTexact has seen a growing demand from its customers for these services. Demand is driven by a growing need for companies marketing communications equipment or services in Europe to prove performance across a formidable array of potential deployment scenarios.

The survey also revealed that, whereas the greater part of the test and evaluation work has been traditionally managed in-house, increased complexity and current market conditions mean that companies are now looking for alternative solutions.

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