'First' Voice over IP network launches in UK

Tiscali UK, the Internet communication company, is claiming to be the first UK service provider to carry live, commercial voice traffic on a single, consolidated, carrier-grade VOIP network. It has recently activated its new service, based on Nortel Networks' Succession softswitches.

"We are changing the way phone services can be delivered by eliminating the need for separate voice and data networks," said Stephane Huet, COO, Tiscali UK.

"This agreement will allow us to deliver a 2.5Gbit/s network with 18 points-of-presence in cities across the UK, and to handle growing customer demand for IP and voice services."

Colin Doherty, president, carrier voice over IP at Nortel Networks added, "All voice calls will eventually be carried over converged, packet networks. Tiscali has established a first-adopter advantage in meeting growth and delivering new voice services."

  • Migration to some IP-based services is picking up speed among European companies, according to IDC's latest survey of European WAN managers.

"For the first time in the six years that IDC has conducted this survey, usage of frame/cell services is declining," said Jill Finger, research manager, European Telecommunications Services.

"At the same time, usage of IP-based VPNs continues to increase. WAN managers no longer fear their network security will be compromised if they implement IP-based VPNs rather than PVC-based services."

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