LPTIC picks Alcatel-Lucent for fiber backbone

JULY 11, 2007 -- Libyan Post Telecommunications & Information Technology Company has selected Alcatel-Lucent to deploy a 4,400-km fiber-optic network to link all major Libyan cities.

JULY 11, 2007 -- Alcatel-Lucent (search for Alcatel-Lucent) has signed a contract with Libyan Post Telecommunications & Information Technology Company (LPTIC) to supply a nationwide fiber-optic backbone network that will serve all of Libya. The contract, valued at more than 90 million Euro, is a major step forward for the Libyan telecommunications industry and underscores Alcatel-Lucent's commitment to the expansion of the Libyan market, say company representatives.

Per the agreement, Alcatel-Lucent will deploy a fiber-optic network throughout the country that will serve as the backbone network for Libya's telecommunications infrastructure, linking all major cities with more than 4,400 kilometers of fiber.

"This contract, which represents Alcatel-Lucent's largest agreement in Libya, is a major step forward for the Libyan telecom industry to offer next-generation services to their customer base," contends Olivier Picard, president of Alcatel-Lucent's Europe and South activities. "It demonstrates our commitment to assist in the development of the Libyan infrastructure and more generally the company's role in helping the people throughout the African continent [to] be able to benefit from the advantages of a modern and powerful information infrastructure."

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