Emtelle and Dantex to merge

MAY 21, 2007 -- The merger of Emtelle and Dantex will result in a combined company that specializes in the delivery of ducted fiber networks from city rings to customer premises.

May 21, 2007 -- The Boards of Directors of Emtelle (search for Emtelle) and Dantex today announced the merger of the two companies. The combined entity will provide ducted network and blown fiber technology (search for blown fiber) for use in telecommunications access networks. Financial details around the merger were not disclosed.
Emtelle says it is the leading telecommunication duct supplier in the UK and world leader in blown fiber technology with its passive infrastructure offering, branded Fibreflow. The company produces a very small (starting at 3-mm), lightweight yet extremely robust passive infrastructure system based on micro ducts, into which Emtelle blows "fiber units" of two to twelve fibers.

Dantex is a supplier of HDPE multi-duct systems in Scandinavia. Dantex has grown strongly in recent years and has successfully introduced several new products and service concepts into the market. The company is specialized in the manufacture of larger diameter, loose multi-duct systems. Both companies offer a range of training programs and services.

The merger will allow the combined company to offer a comprehensive product range designed to meet all network construction requirements for FTTX (search for FTTx) applications.

The merged company is directly or indirectly present in all important FTTX markets worldwide and offers end-to-end passive infrastructure in the FTTX domain, say representatives from both companies. The combined technical expertise, geographical presence, and manufacturing capacity will deliver unparalleled service to the market, they say, providing a platform for further international growth.
George Brown and Mads A. Høgfeldt, the current chief executives of Emtelle and Dantex respectively, are appointed joint CEOs of the merged group and will be based in Hawick, Scotland. Nigel Melville is appointed chairman of the merged companies. Paul Naastepad and Kenn Byllemos are appointed executive directors.
"The result of the merger is a new company offering yet more competitive solutions and services," contends Mads A. Høgfeldt, former CEO of Dantex and joint CEO of the new company. "These solutions and services deliver the optimal return on investment in fiber network technology for our partners and customers during the entire network lifetime."
"Market demand has shifted to end-to-end fiber access network solutions," adds George Brown, former CEO of Emtelle and joint CEO of the combined company. "Both Emtelle and Dantex have invested heavily in developing integrated solutions for their customers that go beyond the basic ducts [and] integrate innovative network technologies."

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