Latin Americas fiber-optic component market expected to soar

Latin America`s fiber-optic component market expected to soar

The consumption of fiber-optic components used for communications applications in Latin America will expand from $347 million in 1997 to $2.18 billion in 2007. A new report from ElectroniCast Corp. (San Mateo, CA) entitled Latin American Fiber-Optic Component Market Forecast, provides an analysis of the Latin American market by country.

For each country, the report provides a 10-year forecast and an overview of major areas with respect to the macroeconomic environment, telecommunications industries, and other economic factors.

According to ElectroniCast, the consumption of fiber-optic components in Latin America in 1997 was led by cable. However, the region will experience a greater penetration of active and passive components as cable installation moderates.

It is indicative of the nature of fiber-optic network installation, say Electroni Cast analysts, that large amounts of fiber cable are installed to meet current and projected requirements for capacity. During initial installations, large amounts of dark (unused) fiber are installed.

During the lifetime of a cable plant, increasing amounts of the fiber are lit as capacity requirements increase. That accounts for cable representing the majority of the investment so far. But over time, the investment shifts toward active components and optical couplers to fill in the capacity, says ElectroniCast.

In 1997, Latin American telecommunications usage dominated the consumption of fiber-optic components, but that domination will decrease as private, local-area and wide-area networks, along with cable-television networks grow substantially.

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