Positron acquires OnSite Systems' S15 SONET/SDH technology

JANUARY 7, 2009 -- Positron Inc. has acquired all the intellectual property and rights to OnSite Systems' S15 fiber-optic access and transport products.

JANUARY 7, 2009 -- In order to expand its fiber-optic transmission product line, Positron Inc. says it has acquired all the intellectual property and rights to the OnSite Systems S15 fiber-optic access and transport products.

OnSite says the S15 is its latest technology development and includes all the capabilities of its previous S10 STM-1 (OC-3) design, evolved to flexibly and cost-effectively deliver fully-featured OC-3/OC-12 and STM-1/STM-4 network elements from a single platform with scalability for higher bandwidths.

"Today's carriers and operators are looking for an integrated family of ultra-compact flexible access and metro transport nodes that provide a unique, simple and economical migration path towards a converged service network," explains Claude Brisson, COO of Positron. "The acquisition of the S15 technology is another exciting step in the rapid expansion of our converged access product portfolio, which provides solutions for wireless backhaul, secure and scalable Ethernet transport networks, and multi-service aggregation applications such as quad-play connectivity."

The S15 platform centers around next-generation non-blocking switch architecture for SONET/SDH transport. In addition to supporting traditional TDM services, the S15 offers advanced features for efficient Ethernet service transport, such as virtual concatenation (VCAT), link capacity adjustment scheme (LCAS), and generic framing procedure (GFP), note Positron representatives. The platform also incorporates key traffic and performance management capabilities, including VLAN tagging, rate limiting, and statistical multiplexing with multi-level quality-of-service control.

"Our customers continue to see significant growth in demand for Ethernet bandwidth while supporting and optimizing their legacy TDM services," Brisson adds. "Positron, with its OSIRIS and AEX products, is committed to delivering solutions that power our customer's growth and expanded service offerings."

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