Oracle and NVIDIA collaborate on sovereign AI solutions

March 21, 2024
The services enable digital sovereignty and AI factory deployment.

Oracle and NVIDIA announced an expanded sovereign AI solution collaboration on March 18. The collaboration, which makes use of NVIDIA’s accelerated computing and generative AI software along with Oracle’s cloud infrastructure (OCI) services, will reportedly enable governments and enterprises to deploy AI factories.

Oracle CEO Safra Catz said in a press release, “As AI reshapes business, industry, and policy around the world, countries and organizations need to strengthen their digital sovereignty in order to protect their most valuable data. Our continued collaboration with NVIDIA and our unique ability to deploy cloud regions quickly and locally will ensure societies can take advantage of AI without compromising their security.”

NVIDIA reports that these AI factories can run cloud services locally within a country or organization’s secure premises and offer a range of operational controls. The NVIDIA and Oracle solutions can be deployed via the public cloud or in a customer’s data center in specific locations.

Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA, said in the press release, “In an era where innovation will be driven by generative AI, data sovereignty is a cultural and economic imperative. Oracle’s integrated cloud applications and infrastructure, combined with NVIDIA accelerated computing and generative AI services, create the flexibility and security nations and regions require to control their own destinies.”

Oracle also reportedly plans to use the NVIDIA Grace Blackwell computing platform across OCI Supercluster and OCI Compute.

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