Fast Photonics announces availability of 400G/800G SR8 transceivers and Active Optical Cables (AOC) Products

July 5, 2022

Shenzhen, China, Fast Photonics has initiated mass production of 400G SR8 transceivers and Active Optical Cables to overseas partners for delivery in June 2022.

The 400G multimode optical transceivers incorporate 7nm DSP chip, consume less than 8.5W of power at ambient temperature, and deliver outstanding bit error rate (BER) characteristics (Pre_FEC  BER less than 1E-8). Along with the 400G transceiver, Fast Photonics also offers an Open EyE compliant 400G AOC product. This AOC is one of the lowest power consuming products in the industry (below 7W per end at ambient temperuture), lowest latency (86ns Roundtrip  for DSP and 5ns CDR) up to 100M, and lowest cost.

Fast Photonics is continuing to develop additional transceiver and AOC products including 800G AOC, including 800G QSFP-DD800 to 800G QSFP-DD800 and 800G QSFP-DD800 to 2*400G (y cable) and  QSFP112 SR4. Limited production will be available in early Q3 2022 with production starting in Q1 2023.

With an intense focus on automation in production processes, manufacturing, and continuing industrial innovation, Fast Photonics delivers high production efficiencies and product output, necessary in today’s competitive markets. Having a proven & competitive manufacturing line with the ability to quickly expand production is a plus.

“Fast Photonics is committed to delivering current and future generation optical transmission products to our customers with outstanding performance at leading industry production volumes and pricing” says Meifeng Huang, Fast Photonics CEO. “This is an achievement that will enable us to leap onto the next stage in supporting the expanding data center industry”.

About Fast Photonics

Fast Photonics is an advanced high speed optical transceiver company, oriented toward developing  100G, 400G and 800G beyond, our advantages are mass production and delivery with fully automatic production lines and Digital Manufacturing. We also provide O-EMS (Opto-Electronics Manufacturing Services).

We’re driven by a relentless pursuit of innovation – enabling our customers to adapt within ever-changing environments to deliver ideal solutions to their business and users. 

Fast Photonics has independently developed from an optical Communication product unit, of the OFILM Group ( Located in Shenzhen, China,  Fast Photonic has a 30,000+ sqm industrial park, including  onsite R&D, manufacturing and financial office building, also dormitory, canteen, and staff recreational facilities.

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