OFS Launches InvisiLight® EZ-Hide Behind-the-Wall Module

March 1, 2021
Easily Mounts Behind the Optical Network Terminal or Faceplate

BICSI Winter Conference 2021, March 1, 2021 - OFS, a leading manufacturer of innovative fiber optic products, today launches the InvisiLight EZ-Hide Behind-the-Wall Module, enabling virtually invisible optical fiber installation inside homes and multiple dwelling units, or for passive optical LAN applications. The InvisiLight EZ-Hide Behind-the-Wall Module can further reduce the footprint of InvisiLight ILU installations by up to 50% by hiding the spool behind the wall and using the InvisiLight 600µm buffered fiber.

FTTH service providers or Passive Optical LAN designers often deploy compact Optical Network Terminals (ONTs) deep within subscribers’ homes and offices to facilitate WiFi coverage, presenting both aesthetic and installation challenges. Tight spaces, corners, and architectural features can create barriers to fiber deployment inside many offices and living units. InvisiLight Solutions are designed to help overcome these specific challenges and as a result have been widely adopted by Tier 1/2/3 carriers and ISPs.

The original InvisiLight ILU Solution, launched in 2012, offered an innovative yet simple process to reach indoor ONTs by adhering a 0.9 mm diameter optical fiber into the crevices along ceilings and walls or moldings and walls. The InvisiLight EZ-Hide Behind-the-Wall Module uses an even smaller 0.6 mm optical fiber and installs with the same simple installation process and tools as the original. The compact EZ-Hide spool can dispense up to 40 meters of fiber as it is moved along the deployment path to the ONT location yet still fit inside a common behind the wall gang box.

OFS EZ-Bend® fiber with its class leading 2.5 mm minimum bend radius is used in the InvisiLight EZ-Hide Module and all other InvisiLight Solutions to easily handle the many sharp corners typically encountered when conforming the fiber neatly to the building, with no concerns for bending loss.

Since 2012, OFS has revolutionized the deployment of discrete and easily installable solutions for buildings and homes with its award winning InvisiLight Solutions.

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