InvisiLight Drop Solution

Oct. 11, 2021
The InvisiLight Drop Solution, virtually invisible
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The InvisiLight Drop Solution offers a fast, easy, virtually invisible way to extend an OFS EZ-Bend® drop cable inside by converting it to the InvisiLight solution, to increase customer acceptance and eliminate the need for transition boxes.

InvisiLight Optical Solutions

Since 2012, OFS has revolutionized the deployment of discrete and easily installable solutions for buildings and homes with InvisiLight Solutions.

Today, setting the standard based on hundreds of thousands of proven indoor and outdoor installations globally, the InvisiLight Optical Solution has evolved to a complete plug-and-play portfolio that encompasses:

  • OFS industry leading EZ-Bend (G.657.B3) fiber with a 2.5 mm bend radius,
  • ILU spools with pre-connectorized cordage (600um or 900um as applicable),
  • MDU spools with indoor and outdoor pre-connectorized or bulk RIB multifiber cordage,
  • Innovatively designed modules for intuitive slack management,
  • Engineered adhesive for secure indoor installations,
  • Optional corner protectors for breakage prevention as needed,
  • Wide variety of installation tools and accessories

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