eW61001 Cost Effective, 10G Media Converter

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eW61001 is a cost effective, one channels multiservice, fiber to fiber media converter which is used for point to point application. It is protocol transparent and supports data rates from 100Mbps to 11.5Gbps through two open SFP+ ports. This allows network planner to customize the eW61001 with a pair of SFP+ modules to meet their network requirements. eW61001 is installed in eWAVE6102 two-slot chassis.

- Any-rate to same-rate converter
- Supports data rates from 100Mbps to 11.5Gbps
- Supports various physical media types
- Used as specific C/DWDM wavelength Transponder
- Supports Tx-sync. and LLF
- One RS-232 console port
- Installed in eWAVE6102 two-slot chassis
- 1+1 hot pluggable AC power supply
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