FAST Photonics offers next generation 400/800G transceivers based on Intel Industry leading Silicon Photonics Technology

March 16, 2023

FAST Photonics Technologies, Shenzhen, China, has announced plans to develop and manufacture high-speed optical transceiver products based on Intel’s Silicon Photonics Technology.

FAST will use Intel’s industry leading Silicon Photonics - technology which combines integrated circuits and semiconductor lasers into photonic chips. Compared with traditional optical systems composed of hundreds of discrete building blocks, silicon photonics integrate a number of optoelectronic components onto a single silicon chip, which allows for easier assembly, smaller size, and higher product reliability.

FAST will offer 400G DR4, 400G FR4 and 800G DR8 products in the initial offering.

As the industry continues to require lower cost and power solutions for optical transceivers, silicon photonics technology has emerged as a promising solution in many market areas such as data center connectivity, high-performance computing, and sensing. Intel Silicon

photonics Technology is developed based on proven, mature CMOS manufacturing technology, enabling mass production of high-performance, highly reliable integrated optics. As market demand for 400G and higher-bandwidth optics continues to grow, Silicon Photonics technology with integrated optical components will become key for future solutions.

FAST Photonics Technologies develops and manufactures high-speed optical modules, with a wide range of optical transceivers including 400G transceivers and active optical cables (AOCs) and 800G transceivers/AOCs.” Said Mr. Ben Wang, Chief Marketing Officer. “We have fully automated production lines and digital manufacturing capacity, which offer significant advantages in manufacturing. At present, FAST Photonics Technologies is focusing on advanced product development and mass manufacturing capabilities. This collaboration with Intel will help us provide our customers with the products needed for current future requirements”.

About Fast Photonics

Fast Photonics is an advanced high speed optical transceiver company, specializing in  developing transceivers from 10G to 800G and beyond, with fully state of the art facilities, enabling us to deliver high quality products on a mass production scale. Also provides O-EMS (Opto-Electronics Manufacturing Services).

Fast Photonics is a global company, with a sales office in San Jose, California and 30,000+ sqm manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, PRC, including onsite R&D, manufacturing and financial offices.

Please visit our  website for more details:

Any inquiry, please contact:

Angela Zheng

Email: [email protected]

Address: No.3, Fenggui Road, Fenghuang street, Guangming District, Shenzhen 518107, China

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