Anritsu serves up an enhanced MS9740B Optical Spectrum Analyzer

July 25, 2023
New solution can reduce production test times for pulsed LD chip verification.

Anritsu has unveiled an expanded measurement functionality for its MS9740B optical spectrum analyzer (OSA), targeting testing of pulsed laser diode (LD) chips. According to the company, the new solution reduces test time and produces repeatable measurements when evaluating LD chips during production, helping speed time-to-market.

By eliminating the need for a trigger signal, which is necessary with alternative solutions, the MS9740B OSA LD chip solution accelerates optical spectrum evaluation.

Measurement reproducibility of +/-1.4 dB for Side Mode Suppression Ratio (SMSR) is assured when the expanded measurement functionality is added to the MS9740B. A low SMSR variation improves LD chip yield and production efficiency.

Anritsu is introducing this expanded measurement functionality to meet the increased production of high-power LD chips driven by higher communications bit rates and longer LiDAR detection ranges. Emerging use cases, such as External Laser Small Pluggable (ELSP) modules for Co-packaged Optics applications are also expected to increase demand for LD chips.

The MS9740B OSA is designed for production environments. It features high dynamic range of up to 70 dB (±1 nm from peak wavelength), high resolution, and fast sweep speeds of <0.2 sec over a wavelength range of 600 nm to 1750 nm.

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