Allied Telesis announces triple-play customer

NOVEMBER 10, 2008 -- Allied Telesis has announced Surry Telephone as a customer deploying the iMAP and iMG for triple-play IPTV service.

NOVEMBER 10, 2008 -- Allied Telesis (search for Allied Telesis) has announced Surry Telephone as a customer deploying the iMAP (integrated Multiservice Access Platform) and iMG (integrated Multiservice Gateway) for triple-play IPTV service.

Surry Telephone, an ILEC in Dobson, NC, has built its network around Allied Telesis's Ethernet equipment. Dual 10-Gbit/sec core rings are the backbone of the network, connecting Allied Telesis Layer 3 switches to the iMAP. The 40-node iMAP network is interconnected via its own 10-Gbit/sec, 50-msec self-healing ring, providing full resiliency. Subscribers are connected to the network via iMG624s for DSL and iMG600 MODs for fiber. The entire network, including the GenBand G6 VoIP gateway, is managed and provisioned by Allied Telesis's Network Management System (NMS.)

"Surry is a model customer for efficiency. Not only have they widely utilized our product portfolio, but they take full operational advantage of the iMAPs broad service abilities. They have deployed FTTH via both Active Ethernet and GEPON, co-existing in the same shelf, as well as POTS and ADSL2 services," said Bill Allen, Allied Telesis vice president of sales and operations.

"We looked at many solutions, and felt ATI led the industry in scalable, Ethernet systems," said Michael Stanley, Surry Telephone General Manager. "No more forklift upgrades, no new systems for a new technology, and true lower total cost of ownership --hat's what sold us on Allied Telesis. It didn't hurt that other ILECs in North Carolina had also deployed their products and were very happy with their support."

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