Wightman Telecom selects Pannaway for FTTH migration

SEPTEMBER 22, 2008 -- Wightman Telecom has selected Pannaway's Service Convergence Network (SCN) architecture to complete a last-mile network transformation from twisted-pair copper to FTTH.

SEPTEMBER 22, 2008 -- Pannaway Networks (search for Pannaway), supplier of Ethernet/IP Multi-Service Access Platforms for telecommunications service providers, today announced that Wightman Telecom has selected its Service Convergence Network (SCN) architecture to complete a last-mile network transformation from twisted-pair copper to fiber-to-the-home (FTTH).

Pannaway says its MAGNM-20 Ethernet/IP Multi-Service Access Platform (MSAP) and Broadband Access Manager (BAM) have seamlessly and cost-effectively enabled Wightman to migrate its legacy broadband copper Ethernet and circuit-based network to a next-generation all Ethernet/IP active point-to-point Ethernet network.

Based in Ontario, Canada, Wightman is a 16,000-subscriber ILEC, which also has CLEC areas and provides ISP and IXC services, providing voice, data, and video to residential and business customers in 17 southwestern Ontario-based exchanges.

"Our outside plant was a combination of twisted pair copper and fiber for the last mile, while our core network is entirely fiber-based with a combination of Ethernet and TDM gear," reports Tom Sullivan, general manager of Wightman Telecom. "TDM is currently about 20 percent of our network, whereas IP is 80 percent and still growing. Five years ago, these percentages were reversed," he notes.

Wightman turned to Pannaway to complete its network replacement process. Through this partnership, Wightman says it is taking full advantage of the cost savings afforded by its new FTTH network, such as lower maintenance costs and increased longevity of the fiber infrastructure. The all-Ethernet/IP network will provide new revenue opportunities, as the telecom can now offer more competitive services to its business and residential customers.

"We looked at a number of other suppliers taking, into account all the things that were important to us, such as support, product and platform architecture, total cost of ownership, ease of doing business, ability to maintain a strong relationship, and longevity," Sullivan recalls. "Pannaway was the best choice. Pannaway's MAGNM supports copper and fiber, ensuring the future protection that we require, and their broadband management technology is far more advanced than anything we'd seen from other suppliers."

"Pannaway is excited to be the choice of companies like Wightman Telecom who recognize the value of network evolution as a way to stay competitive and better serve their customers," adds Ed Buchner, vice president of corporate marketing for Pannaway. "We remain committed to enabling telcos like Wightman to evolve their network easily and cost-effectively-- at-will."

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