NEC provides Svenska Fibernt with ultra-fast broadband

SEPTEMBER 30, 2008 -- Following a successful field trial in the Uppsala region of Sweden, Swedish network operator Svenska Fibernt AB selected NEC Europe's GPON equipment to provide high-speed broadband.

SEPTEMBER 30, 2008 -- NEC Europe (search for NEC) today announced that it has been selected to provide optical equipment for Swedish network operator Svenska Fibernt AB. The resultant network will provide ten times faster broadband than the current network and will enable Swedish property owners to offer their tenants access to high-speed broadband, says NEC Europe.

Svenska Fibernt has selected NEC's AM3100 series multi-service access nodes (MSAN), which support GPON, where the individual user can access broadband speeds up to 1 Gbit/sec. This is much faster than alternatives and ten times faster than the typical network speed of 100 Mbits/sec, note NEC representatives.

"Customer demand for higher speeds makes it all the more attractive for network operators to invest in optical networks for high-speed communication," contends Richard Hanscott, vice president of network solutions, NEC Europe.

Svenska Fibernt says its selection of NEC was based on a successful trial of NEC's technology in the Uppsala region of Sweden. During this trial, it was specifically NEC's flexibility and ability to quickly implement new functionality that appealed to Svenska Fibernt.

"By using NEC's GPON system, we are able to save energy and reduce operational and maintenance costs, while simultaneously increasing the speed of the networks," reports Mikael Westerlund, technical manager at Svenska Fibernt.

Svenska Fibernt says it was very particular about choosing an offering that will be able to meet future demand without requiring comprehensive technical upgrades. NEC's system met this requirement as it not only reduces the total cost of ownership but also offers the opportunity to adapt to ever increasing service demands, say the companies. The system also allows for the possibility of increasing to even higher speeds in the future.

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