UNET deploys Nortel's WDM-PON-based Ethernet access system

SEPTEMBER 30, 2008 -- Dutch service provider UNET is using Nortel's Ethernet Access system, based on WDM-PON, to deliver fiber to homes and businesses across the country to support high-bandwidth applications such as IPTV--particularly HDTV--and emerging applications such as multimedia conferencing and even online karaoke sessions.

SEPTEMBER 30, 2008 -- Netherlands-based broadband service provider UNET plans to deliver ultra high-speed Internet for homes and businesses across the Netherlands using a new Nortel (search for Nortel) Ethernet Access system (See "Nortel brings WDm-PON to market").

A constant challenge for service providers like UNET lies in overcoming the first-mile bandwidth bottleneck and increasing Average Revenue per User (ARPU). Nortel says its new Ethernet Access system, using WDM-PON (search for WDM-PON) architecture, solves this problem by using the existing optical backbone and enabling multiple wavelengths to be carried over the existing optical fiber. This approach delivers ultra high-speed Internet services in the critical first mile by enabling service providers to offer dedicated bandwidths straight to homes and businesses, say Nortel representatives. This approach also simplifies the implementation and turn-up of the network to enable delivery of value-added services and next-generation bandwidth-hungry multimedia services.

"Multi-user, multi-device small- to medium-sized enterprises and homes are very much a part of the communications landscape in The Netherlands," reports Ger Bakker, director of technology at UNET. "We see the optimization of UNET's fiber-optic backbone network using Nortel's Ethernet Access solution as essential to the future of broadband for these homes and businesses. Our plans include using UNET's optical network to provide entire communities outside of major city centers with fiber-to-the-business infrastructures."

Seeking service triple plays, including richer multimedia content to drive user growth and reduce customer churn, is key for service providers deploying fiber access. IPTV and VoD are drivers of this trend in Europe--particularly high-definition TV--as well as emerging applications such as multimedia conferencing, multiplayer online gaming, online content and media and applications. However, delivering these services with their associated bandwidth demands has severely tested the network capabilities of the providers.

With its Nortel equipment, UNET says it plans to deliver advanced Ethernet services for triple- or multi-play business customers and services for broadcast media and security such as camera and sound recording. UNET plans a phased rollout of these services beginning in 2008.

"In The Netherlands, where there is already significant broadband penetration, UNET is now able to create opportunities to capitalize on its technology for growth by delivering high-bandwidth services to business and residential customers while reducing operational costs," notes Tim Watkins, president, Northern Region, Nortel.

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