GLDS to provision FTTP with Enablence Technologies' Trident7

June 23, 2008
JUNE 23, 2008 -- Great Lakes Data Systems has successfully completed integration between its WinCable subscriber management and billing system and Enablence's Trident7 Element Management System. The resultant product offering will be deployed in Tullahoma Utilities Board's (TUB) GPON network.

JUNE 23, 2008 -- Great Lakes Data Systems, providers of PC-based subscriber management and billing systems, has successfully completed integration between its WinCable subscriber management and billing system and Enablence's Trident7 Element Management System.

The combined offering will be deployed at Tullahoma Utilities Board (TUB) and will provide complete service delivery control of voice, video, and data services, directly from the billing system, say the companies. Based in Tullahoma, TN, TUB offers advanced triple-play services to its customers via Enablence's Trident7 Universal Access Platform configured for an ITU G.984 GPON network.

The new billing system integration eliminates the need for multiple disparate systems and allows operators to manage their Trident7 FTTP network without additional mediation or provisioning layers, say company representatives. Direct provisioning from the billing system will allow TUB to manage triple-play service delivery more efficiently, minimize revenue loss, and ensure a higher level of customer satisfaction.

"The ability to control the Trident7 platform with flow-through provisioning was a critical part of this project," reports Brian Skelton, general manager at TUB. "We weren't going to be able to launch without it. WinCable offered us the tools we needed to manage customer service, provisioning, and billing--every aspect of the complete service delivery cycle."

Enablence says the Trident7 is the industry's only FTTP platform capable of delivering standards-based ITU G.984 GPON, IEEE 802.3 GE-PON (EFM PON), and IEEE 802.3 Point-to-Point technologies from a common platform. TUB will deploy Trident7 OLTs in a single central office facility, with integration to phone switching equipment, Cisco routers, and middleware from Minerva.

"The flexibility of Enablence's open northbound interface is a hallmark of our Trident7 platform because it enables our customers to use the OSS/BSS system of their choice," explains Emmanuel Vella, vice president of sales and marketing for Enablence's Wave7 FTTx Networks Division. "Integrating our Trident7 Element Management System with the GLDS WinCable OSS/BSS system provides a total provisioning solution that exactly meets Tullahoma's requirements without compromise."

With proven interfaces for over seventy partner companies across all service verticals, GLDS provides small to medium sized operators with tier-one functionality at much lower prices that its tier-one competitors, claims the company. Offerings from GLDS include billing and provisioning software for in-house use, software as a service (SaaS), and online provisioning-only applications.

"Given the migration to FTTX within traditional and new video markets and the prominence of Enablence in both, we understood the strategic importance of completing this integration," adds Garrick Russell, vice president of operations at GLDS. "We have several customers already offering FTTX, and we expect many of them will see an immediate benefit from this relationship."
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