FTTH to come to Ohio village

DECEMBER 15, 2008 -- Corning Inc. and Horizon Chillicothe Telephone will bring FTTH to the village of Darbyville, OH.

DECEMBER 15, 2008 -- Corning Inc. (search for Corning) and Horizon Chillicothe Telephone have signed a Corning Connected Community Program agreement to support the deployment of fiber-optic cable manufactured by Corning Cable Systems LLC (part of Corning's Telecommunications segment) in the village of Darbyville, OH. The resulting network will bring broadband Internet access to the village of less than 300 residents.

In 2007, USDA Rural Development awarded Horizon Chillicothe Telephone with a federal grant to build an FTTH broadband network as part of a project including the Darbyville Community Technology Center.

The Darbyville Community Technology Center will house multiple computer terminals and will be a wireless Internet access point for the surrounding park where it is located. There will be dedicated space for educational purposes and equipment to conduct teleconferencing. The USDA Rural Development hosted an open house that took place at the new community center in Darbyville on Tuesday, November 18.

Corning Cable Systems developed the Corning Connected Community Program to assist homebuilders and community developers in implementing fiber-optic infrastructures into their building plans. To qualify as a Corning Connected Community, each connected neighborhood must provide symmetrical service to all homes via fiber-optic connection directly to the home.

"The new network will provide opportunity to the residents of Darbyville," said Bill McKell, Horizon CEO. "Working with Corning through the Corning Connected Community Program, we can educate our customers on the benefits of FTTH and further increase the technology's visibility."

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