Billion chooses BroadLight's SoC for GPON Residential Gateways

OCTOBER 8, 2008 -- Billion Electric Co., Ltd. has selected Broadlight's BL2348 Residential Gateway system-on-a-chip for a new line of high-performance GPON CPE devices.

OCTOBER 8, 2008 -- BroadLight (search for BroadLight), supplier of GPON semiconductors and software, today announced that Billion Electric Co., Ltd. has selected its BL2348 Residential Gateway (RG) system-on-a-chip (SoC) for a new line of high-performance CPE devices.

Billion says its new GPON line of CPE products will deliver carrier-class performance in a low-cost design that meets all the carrier requirements for deploying volume GPON services over the next year.

According to company representatives, Billion has made significant investment in its own proprietary software stacks. Because of the design quality of the BL2348, Billion says it was able to easily port its own software onto the BL2348 architecture and have it run seamlessly and powerfully.

"Every service provider we speak to is interested in deploying a GPON residential gateway because it delivers the most bandwidth power in a cost effective design," reports Raanan Gewirtzman, CEO of BroadLight. "We are pleased to be working with Billion to explore this promising business."

"Clearly the market is transitioning to the high-performance GPON standard for broadband services," adds Tim Chen, chairman and CEO at Billion. "We chose BroadLight's GPON technology because it is the best solution on the market and, as such, can enable Billion to emerge as a market leader in this growing space."

The BL2348 GPON RG SoC provides the performance, integration, and functions required for the new breed of cost-effective residential gateways connecting the high-speed digital home to FTTH services, say Broadlight representatives. The BL2348 leverages the PONRunner network processor to perform bridging and routing functions with throughputs of 1 Gbit/sec. Its embedded GPON MAC, integrated VoIP DSP, Ethernet switch, and interfaces for WiFi and USB create a cost-effective single-chip device in a 19- x19-mm PBGA-441 package, working at industrial temperature range, notes the company.

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