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APRIL 28, 2008 -- Having declared its supremacy in Minnesota, Calix now says it is similarly ubiquitous in Texas and cites two recent deployments as evidence.

APRIL 28, 2008 -- Having declared its supremacy in Minnesota, Calix (search for Calix) now says it is similarly ubiquitous in Texas and cites two recent deployments as evidence.

GVTC Communications, based in the San Antonio metropolitan area, and XIT Rural Telephone Cooperative Inc., in the Northwest Texas Panhandle, have deployed the Calix GPON equipment in their service areas, according to the company. Calix further cites research in the March issue of Broadband Properties Magazine that says the company's ONTs are deployed in 15 of the 22 FTTP deployments in Texas. These deployments are in both rural to suburban settings and deliver a variety of services such as IPTV, RF video, Gigabit Ethernet data, and business services.

Calix says that GVTC, which serves an area of 2,000 square miles over 11 counties with approximately 42,000 access lines and 22,000 broadband customers, has deployed the Calix 700 family of ONTs in a variety of scenarios. One of the company's most successful fiber projects is a fiber to the business (FTTB) overbuild in the community of Boerne, a rapidly growing suburb of San Antonio. Between August 2006 and August 2007, GVTC brought fiber to 95 percent of businesses in Boerne. In a competitive market with both an incumbent RBOC and a cable provider, GVTC uses Calix technology to service more than 200 businesses with a variety of commercial services from DS-1 to RF video.

"The fiber to the business project is a very important component of our strategic plans at GVTC," said George O'Neal, vice president, network services, for GVTC. "We highly value our business customers because they tend to be stable and in constant need of additional products. The Calix 700 ONTs provide GVTC unparalleled flexibility to deliver advanced broadband, as well as traditional business services, to a wide variety of businesses and deployment environments."

Like many providers in the U.S., XIT Rural Telephone Cooperative Inc. was recently faced with the decision to either invest in rehabilitating its existing copper infrastructure or in overbuilding its footprint with fiber. With the Calix C7 multiservice access platform (MSAP) already anchoring its copper-based network, XIT decided the timing was right to move to an FTTP network. XIT is now deploying Calix 700 ONTs to offer a triple play of voice, data, and IPTV services to residences and businesses throughout the city of Texline.

"By deploying the Calix C7 and the 700 family of GPON ONTs, we've been able to future proof our network for many years to come," said Darrell Denis, general manager of XIT. "Even here in rural America, XIT has found FTTP to be the best bet, as it provides our subscribers with the most advanced broadband-intensive applications such as IPTV. With FTTP, we're also putting in place an infrastructure to support whatever services or bandwidth requirements come down the line."

"As our customer base continues to grow and service-provider FTTP rollouts expand, we are seeing customers push the envelope in deploying GPON in a variety of unique applications and settings," said Dave Russell, solutions marketing director at Calix. "Both GVTC and XIT are prime examples of how easily the Calix fiber solutions can adapt to drastically different service provider needs across Texas."

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