Falcon Broadband, Prime Time Communications merge

APRIL 3, 2008 -- Prime Time will assist Falcon in the ongoing rollout of its Colorado Springs-based FTTH network and the deployment of its IP-based television, voice, and Internet services.

APRIL 3, 2008 -- Falcon Broadband (search for Falcon Broadband) has signed a Letter of Intent to merge with Prime Time Communications, provider of FTTH services. The proposed merger, which is subject to regulatory and other approvals, will further enhance Falcon's service offerings and support the continued expansion of its network within the City of Colorado Springs.

Prime Time will assist Falcon in its ongoing rollout of its FTTH network and the deployment of its IP-based television, voice, and Internet services. Prime Time's experience with deploying IP triple-play networks will allow Falcon to accelerate its deployment of this platform and the unique services it can deliver.

IP-based networks represent the next phase in the evolution of delivering video services. Todd Swanson, director of business development for Prime Time Communications, cites the merging of the Internet and television as an example of how IP-based networks will impact subscribers' lives by creating a truly interactive environment. "Having access to high-definition entertainment and incredibly fast Internet speeds is just one aspect of the technology," he notes. "IP Television will completely change the way we watch TV, in much the same way that Digital Video Recorders and Video on Demand services are changing viewing habits today."

Established in 2005 to provide IP-based television, voice, and Internet services to master-planned communities, Prime Time Communications says it has become a leader in the field and currently has over 4,000 active subscribers in nine communities across the nation. Commenting on the partnership with Falcon, president Mark Wentzlaff confirms that, "Falcon Broadband is known for providing high quality services, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to work with them in building a next-generation triple-play network that will set the Colorado Springs community apart."

"Today's homeowners expect the latest technology and the best products and services, and we are pleased that Prime Time will assist Falcon in delivering that to our subscribers," adds Randy DeYoung, owner of Falcon Broadband.

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