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MAY 19, 2008 -- ZyXEL Corp. has selected Broadlight's BL3458 GPON Quad OLT controller for its 16-port pizza-box-style OLT-1500 series and the BL2338 ONT SoC for its GPON + VDSL2 MDU pizza-box-style ONT.

MAY 19, 2008 -- GPON semiconductor and software provider BroadLight (search for Broadlight) today announced that ZyXEL Corp. has selected its BL3458 GPON Quad OLT controller for a 16-port pizza-box-style OLT-1500 series and the BL2338 ONT SoC for its GPON + VDSL2 MDU pizza-box-style ONT, VES-1600PT/PE series.

ZyXEL says its new OLT takes advantage of the BL3458's ultra low-power and high density, allowing GPON to be deployed in a variety of applications. This form factor and density of 16 ports in one rack unit significantly lowers first-in equipment cost incurred by service providers and increases the number of subscribers serviced per box to 2,048.

"What makes the BL3458 so attractive is its unprecedented 1 Watt per port power profile in a 35- x 35-mm package," asserts Didi Ivancovsky, founder and vice president of marketing at Broadlight. "Its vast functionality and high-density along with PONMaker software provides feature-rich, compact OLT products," he says. "Our BL2338 has been turning up high-performance GPON ONT equipment for nearly two years and is deployed in numerous service provider's networks delivering triple-play services."

"Our new 16-port OLT design will deliver the cost savings and integration that service providers are looking for in a GPON OLT product," adds Dr. Ping-Chin Lee, vice president of Telco/ISP COE business unit at ZyXEL. "As the #2 vendor in VDSL Port shipments worldwide, ZyXEL technology is widely respected by customers. Given that leading telecommunications providers are planning to deploy GPON in high-volume especially for MDU applications in Asia and Europe, this cost savings and low power consumption of ZyXEL's comprehensive product portfolio for MDU applications will be a major competitive advantage for ZyXEL," he contends.

The BL3458 is built upon the single-port BL3238 GPON OLT MAC. The BL3458 also includes an embedded processor for easy device provisioning, controlling, and Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA) over four GPON links. According to Broadlight representatives, the BL3458 integrates the costly burst-mode CDR, provides unprecedented flexibility in TR-101 compliant traffic mapping and features seamless connectivity to the leading Ethernet switches and Network Processors. PONMaker software simplifies OLT development and speeds time to market by enabling the BL3458 to operate autonomously, implementing the field proven and ITU-T interoperable G.984 PON stack over all GPON links, say company representatives.

To aid in quick time-to-market, BroadLight says it also offers the BL3458 development system. It is a 1-RU chassis-based system comprising two ATCA AMC GPON OLT four-port modules with standard SFP GPON OLT transceivers. Up to eight GPON links can be serviced through the development system's two 10-Gigabit Ethernet uplink interfaces. 
The BL2338 GPON ONT SoC is part of Broadlight's interoperable BL2000 family of SoCs. Its flexibility and performance allows it to be used in a variety of ONT applications, says company representatives. Along with PONMaker software, developers can deliver ITU-T G.984-compliant ONTs quickly with lower risk, they claim.

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