PacketFront expands Dutch deal with Reggefiber

MARCH 9, 2009 -- Originally inked in 2008, PacketFront's deal with Reggefiber has now been extended to include 9,500 ports in the city of Veldhoven and 4,500 ports in Laarbeek. The fibre network to the new cities will be rolled out and activated during the first half of 2009.

MARCH 9, 2009 -- European FTTH equipment provider PacketFront (search Lightwave for PacketFront) is expanding its agreement with the Dutch broadband company Reggefiber.

Originally made in 2008, the three-year agreement covers products for an open FTTH network for 50,000-100,000 households in the Dutch province of Brabant. Reggefiber builds and operates the network.

The project is now being dramatically expanded, say the companies. Reggefiber has decided to extend the fibre network to the cities of Veldhoven and Laarbeek. A total of 14,000 ports will be added to the original agreement, 9,500 in Veldhoven and 4,500 in Laarbeek. The fibre network to the new cities will be rolled out and activated during the first half of 2009.

PacketFront confirms it has already delivered access equipment (ASR5000 series routers and the DRG integrated Digital Residential Gateway) to Reggefiber. BECS, the company's control and provisioning system, is the key component in the platform; BECS enables operators to build and run fully automated broadband networks with self-commissioning functionality "on demand," say PacketFront representatives. This offers end users the opportunity to increase capacity and choose service themselves, without having to wait for a third party to implement the changes.

"Our fibre based network is a huge success among our customers, and high demand pushes us into new developments more rapidly than we expected just a year ago," explains Peter Kamphuis, director of operations at Reggefiber. "We are very happy with our choice of PacketFront as technology supplier, and know that we on that base can build and run very large networks with lots of interesting services, in a very efficient manner."

"We are very proud and pleased to be able to help Reggefiber build added value to its customers," adds PacketFront's CEO Hubert Schanne. "Of course, it's great to see that the network and services built by Reggefiber on PacketFront's technology are valued and sought-after to such an extent that the project has been expanded. Our fully automated broadband solution, with the leading-edge BECS provisioning system, will allow Reggefiber to quickly expand the network with a very low operational cost structure."

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