Service providers select Occam Networks' GPON products for advanced broadband offerings

MARCH 11, 2009 -- Occam Networks has announced that Ballard Telephone, Peoples Rural Telephone, and Nex-Tech have purchased and deployed the company's GPON technologies.

MARCH 11, 2009 -- Occam Networks (search Lightwave for Occam Networks) has announced that Ballard Telephone (LaCenter, KY), Peoples Rural Telephone (McKee, KY), and Nex-Tech (Hays, KS) have purchased and deployed the company's GPON technologies.

Ballard Telephone has deployed Occam's broadband loop carrier (BLC) 6322 GPON optical line terminal (OLT) and ON 2442 GPON triple-play gateway optical network terminals (ONTs) to support its deployment of FTTH, offering subscribers traditional and entertainment services including IP video-on-demand.

As part of this deployment, Ballard has also purchased Occam's BLC 6450 10 GigE optical packet transport and optical line termination hardware, and BLC 6252 ADSL2Plus and POTS with Gigabit Ethernet hardware.

Harlan Parker, general manager at Ballard, says, "The flexibility and ease of turnup of Occam's products greatly facilitated our deployment."

Peoples Rural Telephone is offering advanced voice services, high-speed data, and high-speed video via RF overlay using the BLC 6322 GPON OLT hardware and ON 2445 ONTs. Peoples also purchased the company's BLC 6012i high-capacity chassis. Now more than 50% of subscribers in Peoples' geography are served with Occam equipment.

"True IP over Ethernet, end-to-end connectivity is why we went with Occam. Other equipment providers did not offer this," says Michael Stidham, network consultant with Peoples Rural Telephone.

Based on its experience deploying Occam's Gigabit Ethernet FTTP equipment in the past, Nex-Tech selected Occam's GPON products to support its high-speed data, T1, IPTV, and advanced voice services.

"The design quality and true integration with Occam's point-to-point products encouraged us to consider Occam again when researching a GPON solution," says Jeff Wick, Nex-Tech's COO. "Occam's QoS [quality of service] was another important factor. GPON is new to us and Occam's support greatly facilitated deployment and provided true integration."

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