Broadweave Networks to acquire Nuvont Communications' Provo customers

MARCH 26, 2009 -- Acquisition gives Nuvont customers a single provider for network services.

MARCH 26, 2009 -- Broadweave Networks (search Lightwave for Broadweave), a provider of fiber-optic-based voice, video, and data services, announced it has reached an agreement to acquire Nuvont Communications' Provo customers. The provider says this acquisition will give Nuvont customers a single network provider for all services and enhance their video and data options. The acquisition also increases the Broadweave customer base by more than 10% and completes the integration of all wholesale and retail services for residential customers in Provo.

"Because Broadweave will now own and manage the fiber network, as well as provide the service, Nuvont's Provo customers will have a single point of contact for quality customer service," says David Moon, chairman and chief executive officer, Broadweave Networks. "We are committed to a seamless, smooth transition, and we have a team dedicated to personally resolve any customer issues through the transition."

Nuvont customers will receive TV, phone, and Internet services via Broadweave's high-speed FTTH network long into the future. Broadweave's offerings include a comprehensive lineup of phone features, video packages that include high-definition (HD) channels and personal video recording, and high-speed Internet.

"One of my biggest concerns has always been taking care of Nuvont's customers," says Brandon Grover, president, Nuvont Communications. "I believe that this transition will be very good for Nuvont's Provo customers, for the City of Provo, and for Broadweave. Nuvont will continue to provide great service to its many customers along the Wasatch front and outside of the state of Utah, and we are anxious to help Broadweave continue to succeed in Provo."

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