Optimum Lightpath intros Ethernet-based VPR service for businesses

AUGUST 18, 2009 -- The company offers dedicated Virtual Private Ring Service (VPRS) for fast, low-latency voice, data, and video services.

AUGUST 18, 2009 -- Optimum Lightpath (search Lightwave for Optimum Lightpath), a provider of Ethernet-based communications for New York metropolitan area businesses, says it has introduced the first Ethernet-based Virtual Private Ring Service (VPRS) for businesses. Companies with three or more locations can now experience metro Ethernet-based, high-speed communications over their own dedicated network. With this VPRS offering, Optimum Lightpath claims to enable reduced costs, simplified billing, and improved customer service by leveraging shared bandwidth and bundled communications services.

VPRS is a fully resilient, business-dedicated Layer 2 access service that delivers 500-megabit, 1,000-megabit, and 10-Gigabit connectivity to businesses in the New York metropolitan area. By delivering dedicated Ethernet-based fiber-to-the-business (FTTB), VPRS interconnects each site, offering businesses multiple services across a dedicated amount of bandwidth. On its Smart Network, Optimum Lightpath claims to offer sub-50-ms resiliency. The service also gives businesses the flexibility to pay a flat fee per site versus per connection or per mile. VPRS delivers low-latency communications services, simplified billing, and soon, says Optimum Lightpath, online self-provisioning and real-time reporting.

"For businesses with sophisticated communications requirements, Optimum Lightpath delivers Ethernet quality VPRS between locations for the fastest and most flexible communications for working smarter, better, and faster" says John Macario, senior vice president of product strategy and management. "VPRS allows businesses to dynamically manage their connectivity based on changing needs, controlling costs, and bandwidth allocation, at the highest efficiencies possible."

With less flexible SONET technology, scaling becomes an issue, requiring costly and complex hardware at each location. With Optimum Lightpath's Ethernet-based VPRS, the provider says the service is virtually plug and play. Businesses will not need to work with multiple providers, manage multiple bills, or pay for transforming SONET into an Ethernet-like environment.

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